Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of what we do at PVI. Providing quality risk management services and resources to our clients helps them achieve lower net cost of risk in the long term. Using the traditional risk management process, we help design programs that fit the unique exposures of our clients.

The Risk Management Process

  • Indentify Risk: Review operations, products, and services. Identify ‘safety planning’ and compliance materials. Review Human Resource documentation protocols, wellness programs. Identify activities that increase risk.
  • Avoid Risk: Ask the question, can these activities that increase risk be avoided?
  • Transfer Risk: Are we doing what we can to transfer risk rather than assuming it? Review all contractual agreements and establish minimum insurance requirements for vendors. Insurance costs are decreased through contractual risk transfer agreements. Additional insured endorsements, hold harmless wording, and indemnification clauses help to protect your firm and reduce the cost of insurance.
  • Mitigate Risk: Identify and implement industry best practices to minimize and mitigate the exposures to risk from activities that cannot be transferred.
  • Finance Risk: Set aside assets to finance predicted losses and purchase insurance for large or catastrophic events and unpredictable losses.

Our team is not only well versed in insurance, we are proud of our risk management credentials. Our staff is unique in qualifications with degrees in Safety Management, Law, and Certified Insurance Consulting. Our recommendations are informed and designed to control your risk exposures.

Our services and resources include loss control, risk assessment, claim management, first aid bill review programs, business income analysis and post event support, business continuity and recovery services, and experience modification analysis.

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